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Free eBay Fee Calculator
Free eBay Fee Calculator

How to calculate eBay fees and profits? NEW eBay Fee Calculator

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Wondering how to calculate your eBay fees so that you can get a proper understanding of what your profit margins on eBay are? Look no further! The Zik eBay fee calculator is your one-stop portal to navigate the various fees that can be incurred when selling on eBay

Improvements in ZIK! πŸŽ‰
ZIK is now offering you the opportunity to calculate your eBay fees and profits as well.

First, you will need to select your Marketplace - at the moment we offer and In case you choose you will be presented with two new options - to choose between Private and Business seller, and in case you select the latter one, a VAT calculation of 20% will be added to the calculation.

You can also select a category your item is sold in - by default it is set to Other with a 12.9% eBay fee automatically set. You can select a different category and the eBay fee will be set accordingly.

For your eBay fee calculation, your required fields will be Item Sold Price and Item Cost, and you will be also able to include Shipping Charge and Shipping Cost, as well as Promotions percentage and Other costs.

Furthermore, you are now able to select the type of your store and seller status:

To learn more about the eBay fee calculator, check the following video:

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