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How to Integrate Auto DS with Zik Analytics?
How to Integrate Auto DS with Zik Analytics?

Want to know how to integrate ZIK and AutoDS?

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Integrating your Auto DS monitoring tool with your Zik analytics account will effectively allow you to leverage the combined benefits of both platforms. This guide explores how you can seamlessly integrate your AutoDS with your Zik Analytics account.

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Step 1: Log in to your Zik Analytics Account

To get started with integration, log in to your ZIK Analytics account and have your AutoDS credentials ready.

Step 2: Navigate to Management Panel

In your ZIK Analytics dashboard, click this icon

Management Panel

then click

My Settings

Step 3: Configure your Integrations

Once inside My Settings panel, navigate to the top right and click the Integrations tab

Step 4: Connect your AutoDS Store

Inside the Integration page, you will see your tokens and monitor lister tools that are connected to your account.

Now let's add your AutoDS store to your ZIK account:

  • Navigate to the Tokens tab on the left-hand side.

  • Click on the Choose type drop-down menu and select AutoDS.

  • Click the Connected AutoDS Store button and you will be redirected to AutoDS log-in page.

  • Once directed to the login page of AutoDS, enter your email and password and click sign in. Once successfully signed in, your AutoDS is now connected to your ZIK account, and will automatically be redirected back to ZIK

Step 5: Verify Integration

To confirm that your AutoDS store integration was successful;

  • Under the My Tokens panel, you will see your list of successful store integrations including AutoDS.

WATCH: Don’t want to read the whole article? Check out this video!

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