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A Guide on How to Use the Bulk Scanner Tool
A Guide on How to Use the Bulk Scanner Tool

Want to know more about Bulk Scanner tool and how to use it? Let's check it out

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Bulk Scanner is a powerful feature that allows you to automate your product hunt, helping you quickly find items to dropship. You can scan the entire listing of one or more sellers and Zik Analytics will show you similar items from the dropshipping supplier of your choice.

You can save this list in a folder of your choice, ready to be optimized and listed on your store. This guide will teach you how you can draw the full potential of Bulk Scanner and use it in your day-to-day business. Watch the tutorial video we have prepared about this feature to learn more or check the full guide below.

Step 1: Use the Bulk Scanner Feature on a Seller

The first step is to find one or more sellers you want to scan. You can either directly search for a seller from the search bar in the Competitor Research tab. Or you can analyze a seller by clicking on the Scan Seller item next to a product.

Once you have found the seller, click on the Bulk Scan button below the Add to Watchlist button.

Zik Analytics will now scan the seller’s listings. You will notice the Bulk Scanner button change to View Scanned Items

Click on View Scanned Items to go to the Bulk Scan tab directly.

Alternatively, you can also click on the ZIK Advanced Tools icon, it’s located on the left side bar menu, and then choose the Bulk Scanner option.

Step 2: Save the Bulk Scan Data

Each seller you Bulk Scan on Zik Analytics will appear under the Scanned Sellers list. You can see the seller's name, country, date added and other useful information. (NEW IMAGE)

From here, it is possible to proceed in two ways. This will depend on whether you want to access the Bulk Scan data of a single seller or multiple sellers at once.

Saving Data from a Single Seller

To save data from a single seller simply click on the seller of your choice from the Scanned Sellers list. You will be taken to the Bulk Scan data for that seller.

You will now see three tabs; Exact Matched Items, Similar Items and Not Found Items.

1). Exact Matched Items

In the Matched Items tab you will see the items that Zik Analytics was able to perfectly match with the desired supplier. For example; in this case, the seller sold items on eBay and ZIK Analytics found a perfect match of the Items on Amazon.

You can see the images, names and prices of the matched items from eBay and Amazon. It will also show you the profit you can make if you buy the item from Amazon and successfully sell it on eBay.

Note: The data provided by ZIK Analytics is for reference only, it is not guaranteed that you will make these exact profits.

You can now select individual items by checking the box in front of the product names, or select all the listings at once by clicking on the checkbox at the top.

Once you are done selecting the items, simply choose your desired folder from the drop-down menu and then click on the Save Products button.

Once the process is completed, you can find the items in the folder of your choice.

2). Similar Items

The Similar Items tab works in the same way. Here you will find the items that weren’t a 100% match but still had similarities with the original product. This may include items with different colors, sizes or shapes.

Nevertheless, the process for saving the items is the same. Simply choose the items you want to move (or all the items). Then choose a folder from the drop-down menu and click on the Save Products button.

3). Not Found Items

Zik Analytics also gives you a way to organize the items that weren’t found on the supplier site. You can find these items in the Not Found Items tab. You can manually save these items to your desired folders after setting their ASIN number.

Simply click on the product name and you will be redirected to the eBay page for that product.

From here, you can copy the product title and search for it on Amazon. If you can locate the product (or something similar), you can copy its ASIN number. You will find the ASIN number under the Product Information section on the Amazon page of a product. (NEW IMAGE)

Now return to the Zik Analytics window and paste the ASIN number in the input box next to the product. Now choose your desired folder from the drop-down menu and click on the Save icon. (NEW IMAGE)

Repeat the process for as many items as you like.

Jump to Step 3 to learn how you can find the items in your desired folder.

Saving Data from Multiple Sellers

Zik Analytics also gives you the option to simultaneously save data from multiple sellers at once. Under the Scanned Sellers list, choose up to five sellers. You can choose a seller by clicking on the checkmark box next to it.

Then click on the Add to Multi Scanner icon:

The Multi Scanner pop-up window will appear. Here you can set the Minimum Price, Minimum Profit, Folder and other important filters for the data. Once you are done, click on the Scan button to proceed.

The pop-up will now disappear and you will able to see the data under the Multi Scanner section next to the Scanned Sellers section. You will be able to access the data once the status changes from Pending to Completed.

Click on the name of the data under the Sellers heading and you will be redirected to the folder where the data was stored.

Step 3: Access the Folder Where Your Data is Stored

In ZIK Analytics, you can store your items in organized folders. You can access these folders by clicking on the My Products icon from the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

You can create a new folder by entering the folder name under the Add Folder heading and clicking on the Create Folder button.

Search the list of folders to find the one where you stored your Bulk Scan items. Click on the folder and you will find all your saved items inside. Here you can search for items and also upload or export them.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us in the chat.

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