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Dropshipping on eBay with CJ Dropshipping
Dropshipping on eBay with CJ Dropshipping

Wondering how to start dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping? Check out the full tutorial here...

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Dropshipping has quickly become one of the most lucrative business ventures. You can start your business with very low setup costs and without any worries about storage. It can be a little tough when first starting out. Nevertheless, there are plenty of popular dropshipping platforms and you can begin with no prior experience.

In this guide, we will talk about a reliable dropshipping source, CJ Dropshipping, and teach you the ins and outs of starting your dropshipping business on eBay. So grab a paper and pencil and let’s get started.

Get Started With eBay

Before we begin talking about CJ Dropshipping, it’s important to cover things on the eBay side. Your eBay store will represent your entire brand so make sure you spend enough time optimizing your store so users get the best experience.

Create a Seller Account

Let’s start by creating a seller account on the platform.

Go to and click on the Register button in the top left corner.

On the Create an account page, enter your details, including your name and email, and create a strong password. Make sure you choose an appropriate work email for your store to keep your business emails separate from your personal accounts.

Now click on the Create Account button. If you want to create a business account, make sure you click the Business account radio button at the top. Alternatively, you can also sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple by clicking on the relevant buttons on the right side.

Add Payment Options

Once your account is created you will be redirected back to the dashboard. You can see your name in the top left corner. Click on the Hi [your name] dropdown, and then choose the Account Settings link.

You will be taken to the Account tab of the My eBay page. Here, click on the Personal information link under the Personal Info heading.

Fill in any details you haven’t yet and make sure you provide correct and up-to-date information. Once you are done, click on the Payments link from the Payment Information drop-down on the left.

You will be taken to the Payments window. Here, you can add credit/debit card details by clicking on the Add credit or debit card link. eBay also supports some bank accounts and you can connect yours by clicking on the Add payment options button.

However, support for direct bank account connection isn’t great and many international sellers use third-party services like Payoneer or Revolut to manage their payments. Many people also don’t want to use their personal bank account with eBay so they end up using other services anyway.

Setting Up Payoneer With eBay

Payoneer is quickly becoming the primary way eBay sellers are handling their finances. With low fees and direct integration with eBay, users can seamlessly connect their accounts and get things running.

Here, we will teach you how to create a Payoneer account and connect it with eBay.

Confirm Eligibility

If you have already received an email from eBay confirming that you are eligible for the integration then you can click on the link in the email to get the process started.

Another way to check if you are eligible is to go to the Seller Hub on eBay and check the Payments tab. Here you will see the Register Now button. If you don’t see the button, unfortunately, you will not be able to connect your Payoneer account yet.

You can wait a few days to see whether you receive an email from eBay or otherwise use some other payment method.

Create a Payoneer Account

If you don’t already have a Payoneer account make sure you create one by going directly to their website. Once you are there, click on the Sign Up button.

Now choose the Online Seller option to proceed. Follow the steps and provide all the necessary information. Once you are done, you will have an online bank in the form of a Payoneer account.

Connect Payoneer Account to eBay

Once you have sorted out your Payoneer account, return to the Payments tab in the Seller Hub. Now, click on the Register now button.

Read all the information regarding the integration process and then click on Get started.

On the ensuing page, choose the relevant option based on whether you want an individual account or a company account. Then click on the Continue button.

You will now be prompted to sign in to your Payoneer account. Click on the Yes, sign in button.

The Payoneer account window will pop up. Enter your details, then click on Sign in.

Once your account is connected, you can see your details on the eBay page. Click on the Continue button.

If you haven’t already entered your credit/debit card details you will be prompted to add a card now. Enter the details required then click on Continue.

Finally, you can click on the Submit request button to finish the process.

It might take a few days for the process to complete and after that, you will get an email confirming the success.

Working With CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a reputable Chinese dropshipping company that aims to solve all your product sourcing needs. Over the years, the company has become a one-stop solution for business startups providing reasonable prices and an expansive catalog of products.

In this section, we will teach you how to work with CJ Dropshipping to source products on eBay.

Register for an Account

Go to CJ Dropshipping, and click on the Register button in the top right corner.

Now enter all your details and create an account on the website.

Connect Your eBay Store

Once you create an account on CJ Dropshipping, you will be automatically taken to the store authorization page. This page allows you to input your store name and grant permissions so you can connect your store.

If you are not automatically taken to the authorization page, you can click on the Authorization dropdown on the dashboard and then choose eBay.

On the eBay Store Authorization page, click on the Add Store button.

Now enter your store name and click on Authorize.

You may be prompted to enter your password to log in to eBay.

Now you will be taken to the Review and Grant Application Access page. Read all the information and then click on Agree and Continue.

Once you are done, you will see the Authorization Success message on the dashboard.

Choosing a Warehouse

You can find CJ Dropshipping warehouses in many popular countries across the globe. However, their main Chinese warehouse is the largest and most likely to have all the products you might need.

Go to the CJ Dropshipping website and simply choose your preferred warehouse from the Warehouses dropdown at the top of the page.

Manually Finding Items

Once you choose a warehouse, you can see all the items currently available in that warehouse. You also get many filters to help you find items you want to sell. You can filter by category, type, price, and more.

Once you have found an item you want to sell, you can click on it to see all the details. Check the total dropshipping price and estimated delivery time to figure out whether the item is right for your store.

The section on the right shows you the rating of the product, how many items are currently in inventory, and various other shipping details. Scroll down further to see the item description like weight, dimensions, color, etc.

Make sure you read all the information carefully to avoid confusion later down the road.

Now, switch to the Buyer Reviews tab next to Description to read product reviews from buyers. Avoid items that have a low number of reviews or negative reviews.

Listing Item Directly to eBay

Once you have decided on a product, you can list it directly on eBay. Simply, click on the List button on the item page.

The Listing pop-up appears. Edit any details you like to change and fill in the Your Price and Listing Quantity fields. Once you are done, you can click on the List Now button to directly list the product.

Alternatively, you can also click on the Edit Before Listing button which will take you to an editing page. This way you can make any adjustments you like to your listing before publishing it.

Finding Profitable Items on CJ Dropshipping

Simply picking any item without much research won’t give you much luck when selling it. If you are serious about your business and want to make consistent sales then you must research your products before they go to your store.

Research involves finding out how much profit the product brings in, how many units are sold in a month, how competitive the market is, and much more. You can use Zik Analytics to quickly analyze thousands of products from CJ Dropshipping and figure out what to put on your store.

Researching and Shortlisting Products

Zik Analytics has a dedicated Product Research tool that scans thousands of potential items within seconds and gives you a detailed analysis of every product.

Learn how to use the Product Research tool, with CJ Dropshipping set as your source, below:

1). On the Zik Analytics’ dashboard, click on the Quick Settings icon.

2). Make sure you have chosen CJ Dropshipping in the Source Website drop-down. Also, confirm your shipping location in the Shipping Location drop-down. Now click on Apply Changes to save your settings.

3). Now click on the Product Research icon from the toolbox on the left. Search for the product you are thinking about selling, e.g. Coffee Machine. Optionally, set the filters to get more precise results.

4). You can now see important details on your search query, like the sell-through rate, number of total listings on eBay, average product price, and more. This information helps you decide whether your product has a demand and also how to price the product correctly in a competitive market.

Below you can also see a pie chart which shows who the top sellers are as a percentage of the total sales earnings. The point graph on the right shows you how many units were sold each day for the last 30 days.

Scroll down a bit to see all the listings currently on the market. For each product, you can see the seller's name, price, units sold in the last 30 days, and more. Next to the Seller, you can also see the Analyze Seller icon. Click on this icon to get details on any particular seller.

You can see the seller’s active listings, sell-through rate, total earnings, and more. If you scroll down a bit you can see all the items the sellers have currently listed on eBay. The Analyze Seller feature is a great way to research your competitors and find new product ideas.

Now back to the Product Research tool. On a product listing, next to the Item Location icon on the right, you can also see the Item Finder tool (represented by a box with the CJ Dropshipping icon on top). Click on the Item Finder tool to instantly find similar products on CJ Dropshipping.

You can see the price of each item next to it and the profit you will make.

Click on any desired product and you will be taken to the CJ Dropshipping listing page for that product. Choose the appropriate options in the drop-down menus on the right. E.g., choose “Platform:” to be eBay and “Shipping To:” to “United States of America”.

You can now see an estimated delivery time below the drop-down menus. Now click on the List button under the product details.

Click on the Edit Before Listing button. This will take you to the editing page for the listing.

Coming Up With a Title

On the Listing pop-up, the first thing you are prompted to edit is the title. The title is the first thing a user sees on your post and also affects your product’s ranking in search results. Your product title must contain important keywords that users are searching for.

Zik Analytics has a Title Builder tool that helps you create titles with the help of generic and long tail keywords. On the Zik dashboard, click on the Title Builder tool icon from the toolbox.

Here, search for the item you want to sell. e.g., Coffee Maker.

Paste the complete product title (from the CJ Dropshipping listing) in the textbox and edit as required. You can click on any keywords in the Long Tail Keywords Ideas and Generic Keywords Ideas to automatically copy them into the textbox.

For each keyword, you can see the average searches, competition (10 being the highest), and total sales generated with the keyword. You have a total of 80 characters for the title so incorporate the best keywords which accurately describe your product.

Publishing Your Product

Once you have come up with a title, go back to the listing page. Paste in your title, then go to the other tabs and make sure everything is up to your standards. Once you are done click on the List Now button.

In Conclusion

In this article, we learned how to set up an eBay account, research products for your store, build converting titles, and list products through CJ Dropshipping. You now have enough knowledge to start your eBay business and make stable profits.

Don’t want to read an article? Check out the video we have prepared for this tutorial!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us in the chat. 👍

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