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Market Insights Dashboard

Get ready for ZIK’s new Market Insight dashboard. 🚀

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We’re happy to present ZIK’s Market Insights dashboard, your first go-to-point for your marketplace research.

This new data dashboard will help you get quick insights into trending keywords, products, and dropshippers, and help you prepare for major sale dates on time.

First thing - customize your Seller Settings!

Use ZIK’s new Seller Settings to personalize the Market Insights dashboard based on your preferences and needs.

As a first step, choose the marketplace you’re selling on, your business model, and the website or supplier you’re sourcing products from.

The settings you select will automatically update the search results across the Market Insights dashboard, based on the preferences you’ve selected.

Select the Marketplace you’re selling on -

Select your business model -

Select the website or supplier you’re sourcing products from -

Trending Niches

The new Trending Niches feature offers sellers a list of keywords that have generated sales in the past 30 days. This feature will help you easily find products to sell in your store, using keywords potential buyers are looking for.

Clicking any of the suggested keywords will redirect you to our Product Research tool, where you can analyze each product using important information such as Sell through, Listing, Sold Items, Sale Earnings, and more.

Trending Products

The Trending Products feature allows you to easily access the most popular products sold in your marketplace of choice in the last 7 days., so you can stay informed and make the best-selling decisions.

Clicking the supplier, highlighted icon on the right, will open a screen on the right side where you can quickly compare the price of the same product on your supplier of choice.

Trending Dropshippers

The Trending Dropshippers feature is your go-to-point for quick Competitor Analysis.

It displays the most successful sellers in your marketplace of choice in the last 30 days, based on the number of feedbacks they received and/or their overall revenues.

Tapping the spy icon will redirect you to ZIK’s Competitor Research page, where you can see the selected seller’s sell-through rate, the number of items they sold, their feedback score, and several other data points.

Monitoring your competitors closely will help you stay up to date with all the latest trends and new products that your competitors are selling. It will also help you to get ideas for new products to list in your store.

Upcoming Events Calendar

The Upcoming Events calendar keeps you up to date with the current and upcoming events in your geo-location.

Choose any date marked with an icon to get you ideas on what products you should list in advance, and how to prepare your store, to stay ahead of the competition.

Underneath the calendar, you will find trending keywords related to each holiday or season, with the exception of sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Chinese New Year.

Final Words

Our New Dashboard is a great resource for any seller, old or new, to discover valuable ideas. It provides you with trending keywords, products, and dropshippers that will help you start selling.

Plus, with our Upcoming Events Calendar, you'll never miss out on an exciting sales opportunity!

And we're not done here. We are constantly working on ways to expand and improve - so watch this space for more exciting options!

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