Zirtue requires a physical identity document to verify a user's identity. This is a security measure and is required by U.S. banking regulations.

What kinds of Identity documents does Zirtue accept?

Zirtue accepts all forms of U.S. government-issued IDs

  1. Driver License

  2. U.S. passport

  3. U.S. State-issued ID*

*These include Military ID card, Tribal ID card, DHS card and other government employee IDs.

Paper copies will not be expected.

How long will this process take?

Typically, the identity verification process is pretty quick. This can be 0:30 seconds to 3 minutes on the low end and upwards of 15 minutes on the high end. It may take longer in some instances if the system has an issue with verifying the document. If that is the case, the identity document must be examined manually, which can take 1-3 days.

The app won't accept my ID

Please make sure your picture of the document is clear, legible, and over a solid background. If the ID fails verification, the account will be suspended.

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