What is Direct Bill Pay?

Direct Bill Pay is a feature that allows a lender to pay a borrower's bill directly in the form of a loan. The money goes straight to a billing company and the following repayment of the loan is strictly between the lender and borrower. Just like with Zirtue's custom loan feature, the borrower would then repay the lender according to the terms they agreed on.

How do I pay with Direct Bill-Pay?

If you have clicked on the 'Pay with Zirtue' button or a unique link provided by the provider, then your account or reference number will automatically be imported into your Zirtue loan request.

If you were not provided with a link by your billing company, then you can simply enter your account credentials in your Direct Bill-Pay request via the Zirtue app.

Can a Lender create a loan offer with Direct Bill-Pay?

Since personal account access is required to upload a bill from a provider, only Borrowers can set up loan requests with Direct Bill-Pay.

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