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General Business & Partnership Inquiries
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What is Zirtue's Alternative Payment Solution?

Zirtue is the first relationship-based lending app, allowing your customers to borrow from friends or family to pay their bills directly. Whether your customer is already behind in the collections process or needing to pay their medical deductible up-front, Zirtue gives your business the ability to meet them where they are at.

Is Zirtue a Bank or a Lender?

Zirtue is not a bank or regulated like a bank. We are a platform for friends and family to digitize loans and pay you directly. We do not loan out money or back any loans on our platforms. Your relationships make the credit decision.

What recourse is there for my business if the borrower doesn't pay the lender back?

Your business receives payment in full from Zirtue, which means you are out of the picture and there is no recourse.

What integration capabilities does Zirtue have when sending payments to my business?

Zirtue can integrate with your Rest API for real time payments and set up a batch file to be processed at night through an SFTP Server.


Zirtue does not yet have international capabilities, but we hope to develop them in the future.

What is the best way to contact Zirtue about partnering together and leveraging our Alternative Payment Solution?

Please reach out to, and an Account Manager will reach out to set up an introduction meeting and determine if there is a good fit for us to partner together.

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