Change or Remove a Payment Method
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NOTE: If you're a new user without at least one active or pending loan, then you will not have access to the bank account manager.

How to change your payment method

From the Home Screen

  1. On the Home screen, tap Add Payment Method.

  2. Scroll down to Payment methods and tap Edit.

  3. Remove the payment method of choice.

From My Loans

  1. Tap on My Loans in the navigation bar.

  2. Choose the loan you would like to edit.

  3. Under the Repayment plan tab, you'll be able to change your payment method.

Can I remove a payment method from my Zirtue account?

If the loan is Pending, and payment is processing then you will not be able to remove that account.

Accounts with active loans must always have at least one payment method linked to your Zirtue account. You can have up to 2 ACH accounts and 2 debit cards linked to your Zirtue account.

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