Signing Up - a few things to note.

A few things to know when creating a Zirtue account.

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Where can I sign up?

To be able to use Zirtue, you must be in the United States and have a mobile device capable of accepting SMS messaging. You can create a Zirtue account by downloading our app from the App Store or Play Store depending on your device and create your account.

Can I use Zirtue outside of the United States?

Not yet! While we look forward to the day where Zirtue is available internationally, today, we are only accessible within the United States.

Why does it say my phone number or email is already on file?

If you received an error message during sign-up stating that your email/phone is already registered, that means that there is an active Zirtue account that has already signed up with the phone number or email address you attempted to sign up with.

If you're unable to recover your account, please reach out to Customer Support for assistance.

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