Choosing your lender or borrower

Adding the borrower or lender to your loan via contact selection.

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Allowing Zirtue access to your contacts.

When creating a loan request or loan offer, we'll request permission to access your contacts so that you can choose the recipient of your loan. By granting this permission, Zirtue will access the names and phone numbers of your phonebook so that you can easily search and locate the borrower or lender.

What you need to know

  • Providing us with access will help you easily find, select, and request/offer a loan to the recipient.

  • We will not send your loan out to your entire phonebook

  • When we request access, if you choose “Don’t Allow” you can grant Zirtue access to your contacts later by selecting Zirtue in your device Settings and enabling Contacts.

What if I don't want to give Zirtue access to my contacts?

Manual Contact Selection allows you to manually add a contact to your loan using just their First name, Last name, and Phone Number.

When choosing your Borrower or Lender, the option to add a contact manually can be found in two locations:

Choose Borrower or Lender screen:

If it's your first time creating a loan or you've already denied Zirtue access to your contacts, you will not be able to pass this screen.

Simply tap Enter manually to access the manual contact selection process.

Contact selection screen:

If you've already provided Zirtue with access to your contacts, you'll likely see this screen.

Tap Add manually instead to access the manual contact selection process.

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