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Why did my ID fail the verification check?

What you need to know when uploading your ID, Driver's License, Passport, or Residency Permit Card for verification.

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We only accept the following documents for verification:

  • State-issued drivers license

  • ID Card

  • US Passport

  • Residency Permit Card (Green Card)

Why might my upload get flagged?

  • If the image is missing corners

  • Unable to read information due to glares or flash

  • ID has unusual patterns/formats (e.g. library card, non-DOD military ID card, suspected fake ID, etc.)

  • The information you provided does not match the information on the documents you've uploaded.

What happens if my upload is flagged?

We will prompt you to upload a higher resolution physical document in natural color with all corners visible.

NOTE: You will only have three attempts to pass physical document verification.

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