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Repayment Grace Period

Late payments trigger a 10 day grace period.

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If a repayment transaction is late, a grace period is activated. This grace period gives the borrower 10 business days to repay the lender successfully. If the repayment isn't complete by the grace period's end, the payment will be categorized as missed.

When the repayment enters the grace period, the application will display a banner prompting the borrower to make the repayment. Refer to the example below:

Clicking on the MAKE PAYMENT banner will take you through a payment and payment method confirmation flow. Once the payment has settled, the grace period will be deactivated and the loan will resume on its original schedule.

Should a repayment transaction issue arise due to the lender's bank or a system error within Zirtue, we will directly contact the lender and promptly work to resolve the issue. It is important to note that the 10 business day grace period will not be affected by this situation.

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