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What is Zirtue and why would I use it?
What is Zirtue and why would I use it?

The who, what, where, when and why!

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Who is Zirtue a fit for?

If you need money or you're considering helping someone who needs money, but the idea of borrowing or lending to friends or family carries a bad taste in your mouth, then Zirtue is the solution for you.

What value does Zirtue bring to me?

  • We're focused on reducing friction and increasing confidence across the entire lifetime of the loan. One of the ways we do this is by automating the repayment process.

  • We believe our solution is the most responsible, dependable, and transparent method of borrowing and lending money.

  • We believe people deserve a clean way of tapping into their relationships for financial progress. Avoid the banks and avoid the predatory credit lenders.

What type of loans does Zirtue allow me to make?

We like to call Zirtue a "trust-based personal loan" or a "relationship-based loan". Using our mobile app, you'll have to ability to create two types of loans:

  • Personal Loans: We have Personal Loans that allow you to borrow or lend for whatever reason you'd like. With this type of loan, the Lender's funds would transfer directly from their bank account to the borrower's bank account.

  • Direct Bill Pay Loans: We have Direct Bill Pay Loans which allow you to borrow money to pay bills directly. "Directly" means that after the Lender approves the loan request, their funds will transfer directly from their bank account to the Borrower's billing account and not to the Borrower's bank account.

NOTE: Bill Pay loans are limited to existing partnerships and agreements between Zirtue and the Billing company (AT&T, Toyota, Reliant Energy, etc).

Getting started:

  • No credit checks

  • Simply download the mobile app

  • Choose your lender (a friend, family member, colleague, or associate)

  • Set the terms of the loan

  • Zirtue will manage the funding and repayment process from there

Check out this video featuring our CEO Dennis Cail

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