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What is the status of my bill payment?
What is the status of my bill payment?

When your bill pay loan has been accepted, but the status of your billing account is unchanged.

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There are a couple of things you can do in the scenario where the Lender has accepted the loan, but the status of your billing account remains unaffected.

  • Check the payment's transaction status

  • Ask the Lender to confirm that there are no hiccups on their end

  • Share the transaction ID with your billing company. Official partner of Zirtue will have the ability to see bill pay loan payments.

  • Connect with us! We're happy to help!

How to see the status of a bill pay transaction.

The Lender and Borrower can review the status of the bill payment within the Loan Summary. The transaction will either be marked as Pending or Payment Sent.

  • Pending: Displayed after the loan has been accepted and when the Payment is on its way to the billing company.

  • Payment Sent: Displayed when Zirtue has successfully delivered the Lender's payment to the billing company.

Visit the Loan Summary

Tap on the paper icon

When payment is Pending

When the payment has been sent:

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