To ensure a seamless check-in and post-event process, the zkipster team recommends completing the following steps:

Before the event

  • Make sure that all devices are fully charged.
  • Ensure that the device Operating System (OS) is up to date. Outdated OS can have an impact on the performance of the device and/or the zkipster app.
  • Ensure the zkipster app version is up to date. (The latest version is always on the AppStore or Google Play). You can tell which version you are on by clicking the 'i' icon in the bottom right of the app as shown below:
  • Check if all devices are connected to the internet.

Caution: Seeing a 'WiFi' symbol on the top left of a device doesn't always mean a device is connected to the internet. To be sure you have proper internet access, browse to any website from the mobile browser on your device and ensure the page loads fully.

When the device is not connected to the internet, the zkipster app will not sync. You will see the red notification bar appear at the top of every view in your guest list. Don't worry, the sync will happen automatically when you reconnect to the internet.

Important: DO NOT LOG OUT during this time to avoid losing unsynced data.

After the event

Gather all devices together and double check if all numbers add up across all devices. Be sure to check that your guest count total correlates across all devices. If each device reflects the same count, all data has synced and devices can be logged out of zkipster.

If the numbers on the devices do not add up, please take the following steps:

  1. Check again, if all devices are online (see above).
  2. If not, connect to the internet.
  3. Open zkipster again and check if the numbers add up now.
  4. If they don’t, press the orange circle arrow icon for a “manual sync”.

Please note: If there are multiple devices that were offline, or need to be synced, bring them back online/sync one at a time. Syncing all at once can cause the devices to compete for the sync and data can be lost. 

Factors that may affect app/device performance:

  • Events with 2000+ guests
  • 10+ devices, especially when all connected to the same WiFi network (Setting up WiFi hotspots is a good way to combat this, we recommend 2-3 devices per hotspot)
  • 3+ custom guest fields
  • Slow or unstable Internet connectivity (Recommended WiFi speed below)
  • Printer being shared with over 2 devices
  • Older iOS devices (Check our list of recommended devices to use with zkipster)
  • Due to Apple's newest updates, older iOS devices will begin to show some reduction in performance

When these factors are put together, there may be delays on the zkipster app.

Best practices:

  • Recent devices
  • Best connectivity
  • Avoid sharing over 2 devices per printer
  • Use one device per approx. 100 guests at check-in
  • Minimize custom fields.
  • If there will be a peak or heavy check-in time at the event, and the devices are noticeably lagging, bring the devices offline.

It's a combination of all these factors that can affect app performance, and no matter what, we always recommend that to test, test, test before an event!

Recommended WiFi or Network Speed

The most important thing to have is a reliable and stable internet connection and speed isn't that important of a factor. With that being said we recommend a 4G and above network as that enables the fastest and most secure connection currently available. Try to avoid a Public or Ungated WIFI network as you will experience changes in speed dependant on the traffic using that connection.

Please note: Interference with the WiFi signal can also impact speed. Potential sources that can interfere with the signal includes wireless telephones and microwave ovens.

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