Predicting your responses to food is not as accurate as measuring them. Our predictions will improve as more and more people join ZOE, but they also depend on the information you are able to share with us. Today we rely only on the data you share with us in the app, which includes fasting bloods, but does not include microbiome or measurements of how your body responds after eating food. What we currently do is the equivalent of putting you into a bucket of people like you. This approach is better than creating a one size fits all recommendation. However, it is only an approximation and some people will have significantly different responses from what we predict. For example, some people  have very strong responses to high-fat meals despite all their fasting bloods suggesting this would not be the case. To solve this, later in the year we hope to make available an at-home test kit which will allow us to easily measure your body’s responses after eating food. 

At this point there have been no clinical studies demonstrating the success of these predictions on any outcome such as long term health or weight management.

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