Blood sugar (also called blood glucose) is required to keep us alive. Our body ensures we have enough whether we are lying down and using little or going for a run and using a lot. When we eat food containing carbohydrates (carbs), our gut breaks these down into sugar molecules and absorbs them into the blood. Some foods can cause big rises in blood sugar levels, because they are absorbed very fast (sugary drinks for example). Other foods only cause small rises. These responses are very personal - when eating the same food, some people have much higher spikes in their blood sugar than others.

The blood sugar impact score in the app represents our prediction of how healthy this meal is for you in terms of the rise in sugar in your blood after eating, compared to other meals of similar calories. Avoiding large blood sugar spikes is better for your metabolism and health. There is emerging evidence that avoiding certain blood sugar responses can help you feel fuller for longer and prevent feelings of fatigue.

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