The final, final frontier...?

We’ve explored every inch of our world, from the depths of our oceans to the arid desert plains.

We’ve discovered, uncovered and even recovered millions of flora and fauna that live alongside us. We’ve taken to the stars, explored the surface of the Red Planet and walked on the Moon.

But there is still so much we don’t understand about ourselves. Our scientists are discovering a whole new world beneath our skin (and on it too), helping us rethink a few things when it comes to the food we eat.

From groundbreaking research to you

It all started with our PREDICT studies, the biggest ever nutritional studies of their kind. They helped us understand so much more than we ever knew about each person’s unique response to food. But what good is having that knowledge if you’re not going to share it?

We’re now using the findings from those studies to help you discover your own body and the trillions of bacteria that call you home.

If you always thought your body was different, you were right.

Everybody responds differently to food. When we looked at blood sugar and fat levels across 1000 participants who ate the same meal, we could see huge differences in their bodies’ response with up to 10x difference across participants.

That means the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition that we’ve taken for decades is actually all wrong. To understand what’s good for YOUR body, you need to first understand YOUR body.

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World-class & independent

To bring you these findings, we gathered the finest minds – from epidemiology, microbiology and data science – and set them on a mission to improve human health through precision nutrition. Not quick fixes, fad diets, or pseudo-science.

Our research is not funded by large food companies or food industry bodies looking to promote their own products. So you can rest assured that our findings are completely free from this kind of bias.

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