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Let us help you understand how ZoomSphere works and how you can benefit from the system flexibility.

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Unique ZoomSphere Ecosystem

ZoomSphere is a flexible all-in-one social media management platform based on a modular solution with apps. Here is some of the basic vocabulary you will hear from us a lot:

App is a single dashboard on your Workspace.

We used to call it "a module". For example Scheduler or Analytics App.

Workspace is an entity that groups apps into one unit.

Depending on the number of clients you have, you can for instance use different workspaces for each one of your clients.

Data sources fill your apps with relevant information from your social media profiles.

The typical data source is a Facebook page. There are two types of data sources – Connected Profiles (profiles with admin rights) and External Profiles (profiles without admin rights – typically competitors profiles).

There are two types of accounts in ZoomSphere:

Master Account (MA) = the MAIN account with access to all settings.

  • It is "superior" to all the other REGULAR accounts which are created through it.

  • Every time the MA adds (creates) another user, a regular account is created for this user (and MA will send an email Invitation for the user to be able to access his/her account).

Only the Master Account can:

  • add new users

  • connect social media profiles

  • refresh pages when connection is lost

  • create new workspaces

  • give access for each user to see and work in apps

  • ...

Key benefits of our flexible modular solution with apps

  1. It is easy: Every user sees in their account only what they really need and what they work with. This means that the whole company can work in ZoomSphere and still have a simple platform with a couple of relevant apps for each individual contributor.

  2. All data is just one click away: Everything you need to work with is usually available per one click (just click on the app and your data is right there!).

  3. An unlimited number of apps: You can create an unlimited number of apps, and even apps of the same type. E.g. Brand Managers can create individual Scheduler App for each brand they take care of. Customer Service Managers can dedicate Community Management Apps to their teams based on the message source (direct message x public comments), language skills, etc. ZoomSphere does not restrict its users but can be set up according to their individual needs.

  4. Data in full context: If designed correctly, each app will show you a relevant number of new content as a notification (number of new comments in Community Management App, number of new mentions in Social Media & Web Monitoring Tool, etc.).

  5. All relevant information together: ZoomSphere allows you to group all relevant apps for each brand you manage into one workspace, which brings all related information (publishing, customer care, analytics, etc.) into one screen – no more filtering or switching between systems.

  6. It just looks great: We love colors and we believe that visual communication is better than a written list. This is why in ZoomSphere modules can be represented by colors and icons – get creative! 🌈

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our in-app chat. πŸ™‚


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