With the Scheduler App, we introduced new system status into our application. Get up close and personal with Error status – your best friend in discovering issues with your scheduled posts before they are supposed to be published. Giving you enough time to fix them before the actual publication date. 💪

So how does it work?

1. Facebook posts

When planning and scheduling Facebook posts you can face a situation when our application loses connection with your Facebook page. If this connection is interrupted, we are not allowed to exchange any data, publishing posts included. 

In such a case, your posts scheduled in Approved status are automatically saved in red Error status accompanied by relevant notification. You can then easily recognize such posts in your calendar view. 

To fix the issue, open the post and check the detailed notification.

If your token has expired, please go to your Master Account Settings and refresh the connection of the affected page. Once the connection is restored, go back to your post detail and hit "Try it again". Voilà! Your post is now saved correctly in Approved status and ready to be published. 

❗️ Please note that the maximum length of scheduling Approved Facebook posts is 75 days. In case you need to schedule the post further than that, schedule the post and Approve it later to avoid the Error notification.

2. Twitter, LinkedIn

Other social media networks do not offer such flexibility in checking page token status in advance, but we can still inform you which page caused the issue with publishing. Meaning if you schedule a Twitter post that did not go through due to the expired token, you are notified by Error status, and after fixing the issue and hitting "Try it again" in post detail, your post is published immediately.

To make most of this new system status, set up an email notification to receive heads up every time any post in your calendar ends up in Error status.

Still not sure? Contact us via our in-app chat or at support@zoomsphere.com. 👋


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