Labels are a powerful tool to help you get valuable insights about published posts.

Labels & Scheduler App

When creating/editing your posts, select a label from a drop-down menu, and assign it to your post.

Default labels can be customized according to your needs in Settings – Workspace settings.

When saved, the labels are visible in the calendar view, where the posts can be filtered based on these criteria. The results in your calendar view can be exported to PDF or Excel files.

Labels & Analytics App

Once the posts are labeled in Scheduler and published to your timeline, you can track them in your Analytics App.

Open the app, select the page, where labeled posts were published, and go to the section Page Posts.

Here you will find Admin posts per label graph to give you the overall idea of post types published throughout the selected date range.

In the same section, you can filter posts based on used labels and sort the results to evaluate how successful they were.

Label Settings

You can customize labels in the main settings of your Master Account.
Go to Settings – Workspace settings and choose the correct Workspace.

Note: Labels are always applied to one whole workspace.

Create new Labels separately for Scheduler and the Monitoring and Community Management App.

Labels for Scheduler.

Don't forget to save all the changes by hitting the Update workspace button.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂


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