We'll show you how to connect your social media accounts, pages, and profiles in this quick guide. There are various Facebook page roles with different levels of access. Please take a look at this article for more information on this matter.


For Facebook pages, please start with opening the Social profiles tab in ZoomSphere Settings.

You need to have an Admin or Editor page role to the Facebook pages you want to connect to ZoomSphere.

Then, you'll have to add your personal Facebook account, which will link the page to ZoomSphere.

You'll get redirected to the Facebook website for the next steps. Click on Continue or select a different profile if this isn't the one you'd like to use.

Please select all of the Business Accounts you'd like to use with ZoomSphere. Then click Next.

Now, select the pages that you'd like to connect to ZoomSphere. Then click Next again.

The next step sums up the permissions that you are providing ZoomSphere with. Please leave all of the settings at Yes to ensure proper functionality. Proceed with clicking Done.

NOTE: If someday you need to go back to this, you can do so in the settings of your Facebook account called Business Integrations; this link will take you there. 😊

Read more in this article: Facebook: Necessary Permissions for ZoomSphere

Now you'll get redirected back to ZoomSphere.

Please select all of the pages that you'd like to use with ZoomSphere.

Et voilà! That's it for Facebook! Now you can use ZoomSphere with the pages you just connected.

If you have more Facebook profiles connected, you'll need to select the one you will use to connect the pages if you decide to add more pages in the future.


The process is exactly the same for Instagram profiles.

Please note that there are some conditions for connecting Instagram accounts.

  • The Instagram account needs to set as a Business account (NOT a Creator account)

  • The Instagram account needs to be linked with a Facebook page that you manage (i.e., you have admin or editor rights for a given page) – here.

  • If the administrator of your page requires two-factor authentication, it needs to be set up at your personal Facebook profile as well, as you manage the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account. 😊 You can read more on this topic here.

Adding more pages and profiles later

If you didn't give ZoomSphere permissions to access all of the pages and you'd like to use them now, please open Facebook settings and click on the Business Integrations tab. Then click View and edit.

Now you can give ZoomSphere permissions to access your other pages.

💡 Once you connect new profiles to ZoomSphere, don’t forget to:

1. Connect the profile with apps

Once you connect a new profile to ZoomSphere, don't forget to connect this new profile to your Scheduler and other apps.

Select Data Sources and click on the icon of the new profile. Once the icon is blue framed, it is connected.

2. Give access to your teammates

Open the main Settings and select Users & Team, where you set access and a role to each teammate.

Select Data Sources and click on the new profiles and assign roles. Then hit the Save button.

That's it! Now you are ready to schedule posts.🙂

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email support@zoomsphere.com 🙂


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