There is one app in the ZoomSphere family that we cannot imagine our lives without anymore – yes, it's the Workflow Manager. 🀩

All our apps are greatly useful to manage social media in general, and the Workflow Manager is just so complex and makes your work much easier. So, here are the best tips:

1. Cooperating with Colleagues

We all know there is a better solution than handling projects (or anything) through email. And here it is!

Tag teammates and assign tasks to them, comment, share attachments... The activity panel stores all changes are done within the card. When you mention someone in a comment, he/she will immediately receive a notification.

This changes everything, believe me. Every workday is much easier for me because I can comfortably assign tasks to colleagues in my team, discuss things, and see our progress.



2. Checklist

Well, this seems like a small thing, but... If you like the pleasant feeling of ticking off tasks from your lists, this is for you! 🀩

You will also see a small tick box icon on the card telling you how many tasks are checked off the list already.



3. Drag & Drop

You can move both columns and cards around the panels with an easy drag & drop function.



If you open a specific card, you can also click on the drop-down menu and select any column you want to move the card into. Don't forget to save it.



4. Labels

Amazing feature to sort out your cards. It is fully customizable – create Labels like Blog, Web, HOT, Bug, Important, Email, etc. This can help so much in staying organized.

If you click on the Label, all labels change to a compact look.πŸ€“



Extra Tip

If you copy the URL of a card and paste it into a different one, the link will automatically take the form of the other card's name!
Plus, once you click on it, it will take you right there. πŸ‘Œ


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