The Overall Dashboard is here to help you better navigate your workday — you can see the most important things from all your Workspaces in one place.

The Dashboard is visible if you have more than one Scheduler app.


  • Today's posts (Scheduler)

  • Tomorrow's posts (Scheduler)

  • Posts to Approve (Scheduler)

  • Assigned to me (Workflow Manager)


  • see the posts that are planned for today and tomorrow

  • see the posts that must be approved – and you can approve them immediately or open the post's detail

  • see cards from the Workflow Manager that are assigned to you

  • click and go directly to the post's or card's detail

The Overall Dashboard in detail

  1. You can see the number of posts in your Schedulers planned for tomorrow.

  2. You can click and jump right into the Workspace.

  3. Click and it takes you directly to the Scheduler or Workflow Manager app.

  4. You can see the color of the label assigned to the post in the Scheduler app.

  5. Click on the post itself and its detail will open.

Approving posts

Click on the "approve" button located on the post in the Posts to Approve column and confirm your choice.

Order of the posts and cards

The posts are sorted by date.

The cards are sorted by their deadline and date of creation.

📌 We would like to add more columns and allow other customization in the future — that's why we would love to hear your feedback and ideas! 🤩

What would you like to see in the Dashboard next? Let us know. Thank you!


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