Publishing to Instagram is super easy with our mobile app, and this is how to get rolling right away. 👌

The app is called ZoomSphere and it's available both on Google Play and App Store.

Instagram Publishing API limits some formats of posts so it's not possible to publish them automatically – Instagram Story, Carousel, IGTV and Reels.

To resolve this situation, the ZoomSphere team developed a mobile app, which helps with easy and fast publishing.


1. Schedule and approve your Instagram posts in the Scheduler.

❗️ Click on the blue Follow button inside the Scheduler to be able to get push notifications on your phone (otherwise, you will most likely miss posting your scheduled posts).

2. Approved posts are synced into your mobile app, and when it is time to publish them, our app will notify you right in time.

Note: The notification will show up right in time you planned your post to be published (or right away if you decide to "publish now").

3. Tap at the notification to open the app and see the detail of the post you have scheduled in the Scheduler.

Click on Publish to Instagram and choose Feed or Stories post.

5. Finish all touch-ups in your Instagram app, where you will be redirected automatically by the ZoomSphere app.

6. Insert your caption. And here's the trick! ZoomSphere copies the prepared text for you, so you can easily paste it in.

7. Share!

💡 You can always find posts scheduled for Instagram under our Instagram icon – just one click away. The posts are available for:

  • yesterday

  • today

  • tomorrow

Just click the Instagram icon at the bottom bar:

See your posts for today; swipe right to see yesterday's posts or swipe left to see posts for tomorrow.

Some important details to remember:

  • Download the app and Install it on your phone. Google Play / App Store

  • Log in with the same email and password you use for your desktop ZoomSphere account.

  • ZoomSphere app supports all Instagram formats – image, gallery, video.

  • We will not support our older mobile app, the ZoomSphere IG Uploader, anymore. Please, uninstall it and download the new ZoomSphere app – and enjoy all its new functions. 👌

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email


Mobile App: Notifications

New Mobile App for ZoomSphere


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