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Scheduler: Image Editor

Edit and crop your images in the new Editor added to the Scheduler app

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The Image Editor, an integral feature within ZoomSphere's Scheduler app, empowers you to refine your visuals seamlessly during the post-creation process.

Key Features

  • Crop: Various presets tailored for different platforms.

  • Filters: Explore and apply a wide array of filters with a simple click.

  • Rotate, Flip, Zoom: Modify your visuals with these versatile functions.

Upon uploading an image to the Scheduler, click the Crop icon to begin editing.

A notable advantage is the instant cropping capability provided by our presets. There is no need to wait for a graphic designer; empower yourself to crop your images to the right dimensions for auto-publishing at the moment you need it. πŸ‘

Automatic Publishing Tip

If the aspect ratio of your file for an IG/FB/TikTok post is not within the specified limits, consider cropping it in the Image Editor. These platforms have specific requirements for automatic publishing, and if these aren't met, the post can only be published manually through our mobile app. Learn more

Empower your creative process and streamline your workflow with the Image Editor.

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