We created our Publisher module to help you make planning, scheduling and publishing your content to the Social Media profiles a breeze. 🎐

1. Integrate all your Social media profiles into one single publishing calendar and invite colleagues/clients to cooperate

Have a full overview of your content plan and work with all profiles in one place. See when posts are going live on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram (Instagram does not allow direct publishing, however, we created a workaround for you - check it here 😉) and never miss or double your content again!

If you do not see any listed profiles to be selected for your publisher, you need to firstly add them into your ZoomSphere account in the Master Account settings.

Select which users will have access to your Publisher in module settings.

2. Create your own approval/posting process and go through it step by step

Prepare your private draft, insert missing documents and add the last touches. With tailored statuses in ZoomSphere, you will never lose track of what needs to be done next. Is your post ready to be approved? Just let the system send auto-notification to your client or manager. Once approved, the system will take care of the automatic publishing at the right time.

Should your client see only posts which are ready to be approved? Do not distract them with posts that are not top notch yet - set which statuses should your clients see!

Have your posts published by ZoomSphere when the time is right! Assign Publish action to the appropriate status. That way you can assure post can be published only when approved by all stakeholders. 🙏

3. Notify your clients when the posts require their attention

You don't need to share a content plan with your clients over email or Excel sheet anymore. The system can send automatic email, once the post is ready to be approved (or in any other stage of the defined approval process). Simply add an email address to the relevant status.

4. Publish one post on multiple profiles in the one go

Don't copy paste the same post for different Social media profiles anymore. In ZoomSphere the process is super easy! Create one single post and just select channels, where it should be published.

Publish hustle free with ZoomSphere. 😎 And as always, let us know if you have any questions at support@zoomsphere.com or in our in-app chat. ✌

Customer Success Manager

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