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Google-Knock Integration
Google-Knock Integration
How to get scheduling on your Google Business page!
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When a prospect googles your apartment building, here's an example of what they can see once you have integrated Knock with your Google Business page:

Two great things happen when you integrate Knock on your Google Business page:

  1. πŸ“± Phone number: this will allow prospects to text with you right off of finding you on Google, and have their calls be recorded and funneled into Knock with the source of Google.

  2. 😊 Link for Appointments: this highlighted link will take you to a scheduling page where prospects can instantly schedule their tours right off of Google.


Here's how to update integrate Knock with your Google Business page!

Step 1: Login

Go to and login with the email and password that your Google Business is associated with.

Step 2: Change phone number

Once logged in to your community's Google Business account, on the lefthand panel go to Info. Click Add phone or the Edit (small pencil icon) button next to your phone number:

In the modal that pops up, paste in your Knock tracking number for Google (which can be found on Knock on Admin > Sources). Then click Apply:

Step 3: Add scheduling link

On the same "Info" page, right below phone number under "Appointment URL" click "Add URL":

Note: Ensure that your business category is "Apartment Building", as it is in the above screenshot under where it says "Knock"- this will enable the Appointment URL field.

In the screen that pops up, copy and paste your unique Knock scheduling URL found on your Admin > Sources > View Google Docs Spreadsheet. Once you've pasted it, click Apply:

It may take a few days for your changes to publish, but once they are published, any prospect who googles your community will have your Knock tracking number to text/call and most importantly will instantly be able to book a tour 24/7.Β 

Cool stuff? We think so! πŸ˜ƒ

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