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Adding quotes to Knock (which will sync with Onesite) and sending them to prospects

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Sending quotes to your prospects is a great way to create a sense of urgency around leasing at your community.  You can generate and send quotes in Knock for any prospect profile that has an email address or has opted in for text messaging.  To do this, simply: 

  1. At the bottom of the prospect's guestcard in Knock, click the Current Availabilities tag:

2. In the pop-up, find the unit you want to create a quote for and click the blue dollar sign circle:

3a. If your community uses Yieldstar or Revenue Management pricing, you will see a pricing matrix pop up. On this matrix click on the price for the lease start date and lease term you want to quote for the prospect:

3b. If you do not use Yieldstar pricing, the popup will ask you to select the lease term length along with the lease start date. 

3c. If it doesn't automatically populate, you will need to enter a deposit amount.  Please only put in numbers and no symbols.  Once you've done this click Generate Quote:

Note: After clicking "Generate Quote" it may take some time (about 30 seconds or so) for Onesite to generate the quote.

4. Once the quote is generated you will be able to view the quote or send it to the prospect.

To view the quote anytime, simply click Events on the left-hand side of the prospect's card:

If you click Send Quote it will attach the PDF to the text or email you are composing.

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