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Facebook Integration- Setup
Facebook Integration- Setup

How to setup Knock's integration with Facebook Messenger and ads

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Knock integrates with Facebook! For an overview of this this works, see our support article here. For setup, we will walk you through step by step below.

In order to properly integrate property Facebook page with your Knock account, there are a couple things to note before getting started:

  1. Knock can only integrate with a Facebook “Page”. We are not able to integrate with a personal Facebook account, but instead must be a property Page

  2. Facebook has a 24 hour messaging rule which states:

    ”Businesses and developers using the Send API have up to 24 hours to respond to a message sent by a person in Messenger when using standard messaging."

    In other words, if the prospect has not responded to your Facebook message within 24 hours, Facebook does not let you communicate with them any further.

  3. One and only one Facebook admin should manage the integration for all of your PMC's Facebook page

  4. If this user changes their Facebook password or admin permissions in Facebook, the integration will break and all of the properties will have to be remapped. Do not change your Facebook password or permissions in Facebook or the integration with Knock will break and you will have to re-integrate

  5. Only Page admins will be able to connect a Facebook Page to a Knock account. To view Admins for a given page, login to facebook and under your Property page go to Settings > Page Roles > Existing Page Roles:

Note: You must be a “Page Admin” and not a different role, such as “Page Editor”.

Once you have confirmed that your property has a proper Page set up, and you have identified a Page Admin within Business Manager, below are the steps to complete the connection between Facebook and Knock.

Knock <> Facebook Integration Setup

  1. From the Admin > Integrations page, click Edit Facebook Integration at the top of the page. From there you will be prompted to Login via Facebook:

2. If you are not already logged into Facebook on your browser, you will be prompted to Log in

If you are already logged into Facebook on your browser you will skip this step and move on to step 3.

3. Before continuing, you will want to make sure you have enabled all the necessary permissions in Facebook that Knock needs. Click Edit Settings:

Note: If you are not a Page admin, you will need to switch users by clicking "Log into another account.

On the settings page, click Select All at the top to check the checkbox for all the Facebook communities you have access to:

When you're done, click Next. 

On the following page, make sure that Yes is toggled for all the permissions:

Once they are toggled on, click Done.

Once you have setup and verified the permissions^, click Continue as [your name] to proceed to the final step:

4. On the final page, map the Knock communities on the lefthand side with their corresponding Facebook pages on the righthand side by selecting the corresponding Facebook page in the dropdown for each:

When you are done mapping all of the communities, click Submit

Now all of these Knock communities are integrated with their corresponding facebook pages!

If there is ever an issue with one of your community's facebook integrations, Knock will surface an error to you on the Admin > Integrations page at the top in red:

As noted in the error message, the procedure in the case of any error is to click Edit Facebook Integration and refollow the steps 1-4 outlined above^.

Note: Changing your password or admin permissions in Facebook will cause issues that will require you to remap your communities.

Knock <> Facebook Lead Ads Setup

Basic Contact info

Our Lead Ads integration will be able to automatically create new prospects when a Lead Ad form is submitted.

To create a custom ad, navigate to Publishing Tools > Forms Library and then hit the  +Create button:

On the pop up, select New Form and then Next.

In order for us to properly map the form responses to the Knock prospect profile fields, you will need to set up your forms fields to match the requirements below:

  • First name (must be distinct field)

  • Last name (must be distinct field)

  • Email (strongly recommended)

  • Phone (strongly recommended)

Under the Content tab, navigate to the Questions section of the form. Under User Information click Show more options:

Now you will want to uncheck Full name and then check First name and Last name:

Note: You must make the first name and last name separate fields, as shown above, in order to ensure name correctly parses into the Knock guestcard.

Optional- Move date + Bedroom Preferences

If you'd like, you can also setup your ads to include asking the prospect their preferred move in date and preferred number of bedrooms.

On the Create Form page, under the Content tab, navigate to the Questions section. Under Custom Questions (Optional), click + Add Custom Question:

You can add either of the following two Multiple Choice questions for Move date and/or Bedrooms.

Note: The wording for both the question and the multiple choice options must exactly match the below verbatim or the info will not populate into Knock.

Move date question: When are you looking to move?
Move date options (use as many or as few as you want):

  • The next 7 days

  • The next 7-30 days

  • The next 31-90 days

  • The next 91-180 days

  • 180+ days

  • I'm not sure

Note: Because Facebook does not support a date field, we will be mapping the above answers to a corresponding number of days in the future. This will be as follows:

  • The next 7 days > 1 day from today

  • The next 7-30 days > 14 days from today

  • The next 31-90 days > 60 days from today

  • The next 91-180 days > 120 days from today

  • 180+ days > 180 days from today

  • I'm not sure > No date will be extracted

Bedrooms question: How many bedrooms?
Bedrooms options (use as many or as few as you want):

  • Studio

  • 1 bedroom

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 3+ bedrooms

Here is what this should look like for Move dates:

When you are done customizing the ad, you can click either Save or Finish depending on when you want to publish.

Once you finish and publish your Lead Ad, all responses will generate new prospects within Knock, and their responses will be mapped to their prospect profile.

If you want to test this out or troubleshoot, please see below steps:


  1. Navigate to the Lead Ads Testing page on Facebook 

  2. Follow instructions here for creating and sending a test lead

  3. If the tracking reports that the lead failed with the error CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager you will need to grant access to Knock CRM from Facebook Business Manager Lead Access Settings

  4.  From the lead access settings page, select the Facebook page that you wish to grant access to from the Leads Access column on the left. 

  5. Next select CRMs from the Assigned People and Partners column and select Knock CRM from the Connected CRMs list.

  6. Click Assign Access

Pro tip: If you are still not seeing your leads appear, try verifying that the user that setup the integration has been granted access to the leads via the Leads Access Manager from Facebook Business Manager.

Here is some more info from Facebook on the different permission levels for lead access

Once that is complete, you should be able to follow the steps for creating a test lead again to verify leads are flowing properly!

General Note: If the integrating user changes their password, or revokes access, our tokens we use for retrieving leads become invalid. This may result in leads coming in with the name New Lead and limited or no contact information.
In this case, you would need to remap the integration as per the instructions above^ in order to get it working again.

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