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Knock integration with AMSI
Knock integration with AMSI
How Knock integrates with AMSI units, residents, and prospects
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Prospect Integration:

Knock offers a robust, two-way prospect integration with AMSI. We are able to export guestcard and activity data from Knock to AMSI, while also importing guestcard data from AMSI into Knock.

1. Prospect contact info

  • First and last name 

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Leasing agent

  • Source (Zillow,, etc.)

  • First contact

  • Address

2. Prospect preferences

  • Move in date

  • Preferred floorplan

  • Desired Lease term (export only)

  • Budget (export only)

  • PMS Notes

3. Prospect events (leasing team activity):

  • Upcoming Appointments (export only)

  • Rescheduling future appointment (export only)

  • Completed appointment

  • Walk-in (export only)

  • Shown units (export only)

  • Applications (import only)

  • Application Approvals (import only)

  • Application Canceled (import only)

  • Lease-sign (import only)

Whenever any information is added to or updated in Knock, we will export the changes to AMSI in real time. For import-only events, Knock scans AMSI every hour for changes, and will import any events that have not previously been imported.

The fine print:


We only export leads who have a first and last name. So if someone calls your Knock voice number and their name in Knock is "Phone Lead" they will not be exported to AMSI until you update their name in Knock. Same with "SMS Lead" or "New Lead" (from text or email).

First contact:

When you add a prospect to Knock, we automatically export a first contact to AMSI. If the first contact type in Knock is "Call", for example, the followup/activity type in AMSI will be "Phone" as well.

Appointments + Shows:

An appointment is a potential visit to the property that is scheduled in advance. When you add an appointment into Knock or a prospect self-schedules a tour, Knock will export an Appointment to AMSI:

Once that tour comes to pass, the leasing team will be prompted in Knock to mark as "Visited" or No Show. If No Show is selected, nothing further happens. If Visited is selected (meaning the prospect showed up), Knock will prompt the leasing agent to select the shown units, and then export a Visit activity as well as all of the Shown Units.

Walk-ins + Shows:

A walk-in is an unplanned visit to the property. Leasing teams add all of their walk-in traffic directly into Knock. When you add a walk-in to Knock, it will immediately export a Visit activity to the AMSI guestcard. Once you've added a walk-in, Knock will prompt the leasing team to select show units (optional). Like with appointments, Knock will export to AMSI all of the shown units they selected.

Applications + Leases: 

Once the lease has been executed in AMSI,  Knock will automatically add a Lease Sign event to Knock and update that prospect's status to "Applied (Leased)". This will remove the prospect from the to-do list and update your Knock analytics. Same thing for application activities- adding the application event to the corresponding Guestcard in AMSI will automatically import the event into the Knock guestcard.


Knock takes all of your available listings from AMSI and imports them into Knock. The feed will update every hour or so with the latest information from AMSI. So as soon as you mark a new unit as available in AMSI, within an hour it should appear on your Availability in Knock. Likewise when you mark a unit as leased, it will be deactivated from AMSI within an hour or so.

The following info will be imported:

  1. Availability (i.e. leased vs vacant)

  2. Unit #

  3. Square footage

  4. Bedrooms/bathrooms (e.g. 0bd 1 ba)

  5. Price

  6. Available date

If you want to edit photos or any other property information other than the above^, you'll want to do so in Knock on the Properties page.


Knock also imports all of your residents' info, including the following fields:

  1. Full name

  2. Phone number

  3. Email address

  4. Lease start/end date

  5. Unit #

So if there are any missing residents in Knock or any information is missing or incorrect, update it in AMSI and it will soon after reflect in Knock!

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