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How to Add a Market Source and Tracking Information
How to Add a Market Source and Tracking Information
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Ensure all your leads drop into Knock by adding new sources and tracking information in your Admin dashboard!

In the dashboard, select Sources and pick the community you need to add a source to.  All the sources in blue have some form of tracking.  The ones in white do not.  

To add an email, click the email box to the right of the source name.  It will automatically populate.  

To add a phone number, click the Add button under the Tracking Number column.  You will be prompted to enter an area code and search for an available number.  Add the forwards to number you want for prospect and resident calls and the phone number will be linked immediately. 

You can also adjust the fee type for that source by selecting None under Fee Type next to the source.  You can choose between per month, per lead and per lease and enter the related fee.  Apply to future will push the fee for future months.  This will update in your Ad Spend report in Analytics. 

If you ever need a source added that is not listed, please email us at!

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