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Adding FAQs to your Doorway Widget
Adding FAQs to your Doorway Widget

Get frequently asked questions in front of your customers easily with Knock's Doorway ChatBot Product

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You can add custom FAQs directly to your Doorway Chatbot! To do this is very simple. Simply go into your admin dashboard by going to and then clicking on the "Doorway" link on the left hand nav.

Fro there, simply find the property you'd like to add the FAQs to and click the triangle to the left of the property name to expand the options.

There are three types of FAQs. You can easily share lease term information, pet policies, and the third type are custom questions. To create the lease term or pet policies questions, simply check the boxes shown above.

To create a custom question, click the custom question box and fill in the question and answer fields.  If you are using a website in the answer, just make sure it's in the standard format with no punctuation at the end.  For example

These will immediately show up on your chat widget! They will be in the FAQs area and upon clicking the FAQs button the user will see the questions and they can inquire further and get their questions answered. This should save you and your teams time and help better qualify your traffic!

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