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Glossary of metrics and options for the Boxscore Report in Knock

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Knock's Boxscore report is a great way to get detailed info on the leads in your system. It includes details around all the actions that your leasing team has accomplished with any individual in your system. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!

Report Fields

Prospect: The prospect field simply shows the prospect name.
Created: This is the creation date of the lead. This is the date that Knock has as when the lead was put into the system. For example, if I create a lead via Chatbot on July 1st, 2019, it will show that date here.
Recording: This field simply indicates whether or not there is a recording on the record. To listen to the recording, simply click the prospect name and click the "Open stream" link to view their guest card and all the activity - including any recordings.
Followup: This is the number of followup events that Knock recorded in the time frame of the report. If you have the report filtered for the last seven days it will only show the followup actions that occurred in that time frame, nothing from before. Additionally, we only record one followup event per type (email, sms, etc.) per day. This means that if you emailed five times to a prospect in one day that will only register one followup in the report. This also means that if you email 3 times, and call a prospect twice in one day this will register as two events since it's two different types of followup. We do this to prevent leasing agents being awarded for overly communicating with prospects via any one medium to pump up followup numbers.
First Contact: This shows a "1" if the lead was created in the time frame of the report. If they were created outside the time frame it will show a "0".
Walk-in: The number of walk-in traffic that was received at the property. This is recorded in Knock and refers to the traffic that showed up to the property without an appointment. We will count self guided tours in this number.
Appt: The number of appointments that were completed in the time range. This is separate from walk-ins as these were specifically scheduled appointments that resulted in traffic on site. We also include live video tours in this.
NOTE: To get the Show number you sum up the Appt and Walk-in values
Return: This is the number of repeat visits that happened in the time frame. This is not simply any repeat visit, it is specifically repeat visits that happened in the time period of the report. That means that if a lead came in prior to the reporting time range and then visited again in the reporting time range just once, this will not reflect that. It is simply a measure of how many prospective renters visited the property more than once in the time range.
Show: The number of show events that took place in the time period. This differs from visits as to register a show event a leasing agent must create a show event and tie it to a specific unit within the Knock CRM interface. Without doing so you will not register a show event.
Lease: This shows a "1" if the lead has rented and a "0" if the lead has not rented with you yet.
Agent: This is the agent that the lead is assigned to.
Source: This is the marketing source of the lead.
Contact type: The first contact type of the lead. For example, if the lead was created by calling into your property, this field will show "Call".
PMS ID: This is the ID the lead has in the Property Management Software that you Knock is integrated with. This can help you find the lead in other systems. This also shows whether or not Knock has inserted the prospect into your system at all. For instance, if the lead called in they will be called "Phone Lead" and we won't push them into the system until the leasing team fills out more information around them. If we don't have a PMS ID yet, this will display "N/A".

Report Options

There are two report options and three filters to consider when using the Boxscore report. We'll outline those below.

Date range: Default will be 7 days. This controls the date range of the report. By default (changeable based on the option below) this will show any prospect that had any boxscore activity occur in the time frame of the report.
Property: The property that you would like to view prospects for. This is a single select, you can only choose one property at a time to view.

More Filters:
• Agents: Defaulting to All this will filter down prospects based on what Leasing Agent they've been assigned to. This is great to go through leads from particular leasing agents and get better understandings of how they are performing.
• Prospects by Create Date: This filters based on prospect creation date. Defaults to on. When off this will show any prospect that had any boxscore activity take place in the date range of report. When on, this will include details around only the prospects that were created in the date range of the report. This is useful if you'd like to see the outcomes of prospects that were created in a particular time range.
• Include non-prospects: Defaults to off. When off this will exclude any leads that the team has deemed as "Not a Prospect". If you'd like to see every lead regardless of their status of prospect or not be sure to check this box.

• Show applications: Defaults to off. When turned on, it will show prospects with application submitted actions within the PMS (available for Yardi integrations only)

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