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Glossary of metrics and options for the Traffic Report in Knock

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Knock's Traffic report is a great way to understand the traffic volume at your properties. It includes details around the leads, visits, and leases broken out by week for any of your properties. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!


Week Beginning: This shows you the Monday (the weeks start on Monday) of the week that you're looking at. In other words, this is the first day of the week for the data shown.
Leads: The number of leads including non-prospects that were generated in this time week.
Visits: The number of visit events that occurred in this time range. This is the combination of Walk-ins and Appointments from the Boxscore (be sure to include non-prospects). We also include live video and self guided tours. This is events, not people, so it will differ from the Conversions report. Note that Knock counts events as one event type per day. So if the prospect did a walk in and an appointment on the same day that would count as two, but if they did two walk-ins in one day, that would count only as one.
Leases: The number of leases generated in the week.

Filters and Options


Date Range: Defaulted to Last 7 Days. This will build the report around the selected range. It can be a prefabbed range (last 7 days, last quarter) or custom.
Property: Defaulted to All Properties. The property that you would like to view prospects for. This is a single select, you can only choose one property at a time to view.

More Filters: This menu includes
• Sources: This is a multi select field that you can select sources to trim your results. For example, if you wanted to see all your property's traffic Property Website, you can select property website in this field to get that view.
• Contacts: This will filter the results based on the initial contact type. For example, you can filter down to all your call leads. This is a multi select, so you can select multiple contact types for analysis at the same time.
• Agents: This will allow you to audit individual teammate's traffic report. This is a multi select, so you can select multiple team members for analysis.

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