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Glossary of metrics and options for the Engagement Report in Knock
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Knock's Engagement report is a great way to understand the how your leasing teams' are doing at responding to traffic at your properties. It includes details around the Engagement Score, Percentage Leased, Followups, and Expected leases for any of your properties. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!

One thing to note before we dive in is the explanation of the Engagement Score metric. This is calculated by dividing the number of Green prospect by the sum of the Red and Green prospects. Green means the prospects have been followed up with successfully, so it shows you how well your team is doing at going through their prospects every day and following up!  


Agent: The agent for which the engagement score is calculated. (Only shown on Agent tab, outlined below)
Property: The property for which the engagement score is calculated.
Live Score: The engagement score for the row as calculated right now. You can click on this value and it will expand out to engagement scores by time and day for further inspection.
Avg Score: The average engagement score for the row. This is the average of the snapshot that we take at 6 PM for your property every day. If the property is at 100% every night at 6 PM for the date range selected, this will be 100%.  
% Leased: This is the calculation of the number of notices that need to be rented (on notice, vacant and not rented) minus the total number of units. For example, if you have 3 units on notice and not rented yet and 3 vacant with all three being unrented out of 100 units, this would be 94%. This does not take into account when the lease end date is, so this could potentially show residents that are on notice for far in the future. (Only shown on Property tab, outlined below)
Total units: The total number of units for the property. (Only shown on Property tab, outlined below)
Availability: The number of available units. Available units are those that are either vacant and not rented or on notice and not rented. Again, this has no date filter, so can show availability coming far in the future if a resident gives early notice. (Only shown on Property tab, outlined below)
Red: The number of Active Red Prospects for the row. This is all prospects that are not Lost, Leased, or Waitlisted, and therefore need to be followed up with but have not been.
Green: The number of Active Green Prospects for the row. This is all the prospects that are not Lost, Leased, or Waitlisted but have been followed up with appropriately.
Avg Followup: The average follow up for the row. This is calculated the same as the Conversions report. Knock counts one followup type per day. Meaning if you email a prospect five times in one day that counts as one follow up. If you email once, call twice that would count as two, as there are two different types of communication being made.
Expected leases: Based on the 60 day prospect to lease conversion rate for the property, this is the expected number of leases for the property. This is based on the active prospects as defined above times the conversion rate. Use this to help as a leading indicator to low occupancy. (Only shown on Property tab, outlined below)

Filters and Options

Date range: This will filter the report by date and update the Avg Score and Avg Followup data points. The other data points are static and will not change.
Properties: This is a multi-select for what properties you'd like data for. You can also quickly select all properties by clicking the "Select all" link above the box.
Property: View the data by property with additional property specific metrics outlined above.
Agent: This breaks the engagement score down by agent. This helps diagnose at your property if there are coaching opportunities for agents that may not be following up with their leads as they should be.
Base report off business hours: Select this to only include days that the community is open.  This schedule is pulled from the Admin dashboard under Doorway.

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