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Creating Multi-Team Leasing Agent Accounts
Creating Multi-Team Leasing Agent Accounts
Creating and assigning a new user to multiple leasing teams
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Knock now allows for floating or roaming agents to have access to multiple property dashboards at once! This new multi-site team members access allows users to quickly switch between accounts and view their prospect pipeline. 

Creating these accounts works in the same way as any other new addition, however you will notice a few new features!

  1. Log into your Knock Admin Dashboard. Please note, only the master admin account can add multi site users.

  2. Once inside, choose your "Users" tab located on the blue left hand panel.

  3. Here you will see the option to quickly add a new user, just below the established team list. 

4. Once initiated, you will be prompted to create the new user profile. Within this module, you have the ability to search for the Property by name and assign them as desired. 

And you're done!

Once the team member logins with their unique Username, they will have the option of quickly swapping their dashboards with the click of a button!

If an account is already set up in Knock and you would like to establish the user at multiple teams, simply choose to edit the existing user and add the needed teams to their access by searching! You will need master admin access to add sites to an existing user.

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