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With Knock - resident retention has never been easier!
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How it Works

Resident renewals are a large part of a leasing agent's daily tasks.  Using Knock's resident renewal reminders, your prospect and resident tasks are in one easy to manage location, your ToDo page!

Residents whose lease end date is within 90 days will be activated in the resident renewal tracker.  Users will be reminded to follow up with them every 14 days until the resident turns in their notice to vacate or their signed renewal is processed in your PMS.   Once that's done, the status will change automatically.  If you would like these cadences adjusted, just let our support team know at

To clear your resident reminders, all you need to do is call, email or text your residents in their Knock resident guest card from the ToDo page.  If a resident calls in and you speak with them through Knock, it will clear the follow up indicator too! After that, Knock will remind you again in 14 days or you can schedule a future follow up reminder for another day.

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