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Resident Renewal Engagement Score

Understanding Your Resident Renewal Engagement Score

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You are eager to jump into your Knock account and tackle upcoming renewals - but how will clearing these items off reflect in your account, and will this score effect your overall average? 🤔

Here are a few details on your Resident Renewal Score and how to monitor your follow ups!

Your Resident Renewals will have their own category - and score!

You will find your Renewal Follow-Ups located at the bottom of your To-Do List Dashboard. Here you can see the exact count of residents who require a follow up or initial contact!

  • Alongside of this new workflow, you will find an associated engagement score:

  • Each item on that list will need to be completed via phone call, email or text for it to be turned green and moved off of your dashboard, just like your prospects! You can even finish with a Future Follow Up reminder to keep them scheduled at your pace.

  • Once the communication has been completed, you will see that increase in your Resident Engagement score in your account:

While you will want to work through your entire To-Do List each day in order obtain the highest engagement score, your overall average score will never be affected by your remaining Resident Follow Ups. 🎉 

With Knock Resident Renewals, you have the ability to stay top-of-mind with your lease holders and keep them coming back for more! 

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