Welcome to Knock!

Join Kris and Lauren for a quick intro into your new favorite leasing tool, Knock!

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Welcome to Knock!  

Knock is a CRM platform that will make lead management easier than ever and high occupancy within your grasp!  Get to meet your Training team and learn a little more about Knock here!

Now that you know what Knock is, let's get you signed up for Knock 101!  This is a 1 hour webinar that walks you through all the day to day functions of Knock. 

We are so ready to help you become Knockstars.  Our Knockstar University hosts many other classes you may want to take to further your knowledge.  Check it out!

Last but not least, we have all kinds of articles and video tutorials for you to help you in your introduction to Knock. 

Happy learning!  Any questions, contact Training and Outreach at training@knockcrm.com

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