Updating Your Office Hours

Make sure your chat bot has the most update to date business hours!

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Your admin dashboard hosts all kinds of important information about your communities that filter to all things Knock.  To ensure that Knock has the most up to date information and can work more effectively for your community, you want to make sure your business hours are always up to date. 

Under the Doorway tab, the hours listed there are what tells Knock when your office is open.  This helps your Analytics reports show the most accurate information including your Engagement score.  If you show that you are closed on a Sunday under Doorway, Sunday's score will not count against you in your average engagement score. 

To update this, simply go to your Admin dashboard, select the Doorway tab, and update your hours.  The change will go into affect immediately.

For any additional questions, please contact us at support@knockrentals.com. 

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