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Knock Analytics houses a plethora of information averaging over 1 billion possible reporting combinations per portfolio.  We have reports that cover every portion of the prospect life cycle from marketing to traffic to lease conversions to loss reasons, and it can be difficult to track all that information.  That's why we built Knock Insights.  

With Knock Insights, management can isolate performance issues and take immediate action before small problems affect NOI and portfolio performance; built into every report is the ability to take action.  Because good data should drive performance, not get in the way.  

Knock Insights allows you to set benchmarks so you can monitor performance and quickly see how sites are performing.  The dashboard allows you to select the properties and date range you want to include.


To set your reporting dashboard and benchmarks, simply click the gear on the top right of the screen.  You can toggle on and off each reporting graph (green circle), arrange the order you see them (blue circle) and set what benchmark you hope for your teams to meet (red circle).   Please keep in mind that the "base report off business days" filter does not go into affect on the Insights Dashboard. 

When you select a graph, it will pull up your sites, divided into 2 groups: Below Goal and Show All.  Within those groups, you can sort by property, current %, previous %, change % and performance.  You can also filter by performance type or search by property name (blue circle).

The community's performance can be labeled in a few different ways.  
Under Performing: Community has missed benchmarks for the last 2 date ranges.
New Issue: Community hit the benchmark last timeframe but not the most recent one.
Improved: Community missed the last date range's benchmark but made this current one!
Knockstar: Community has made the last two date range's benchmarks. 

To drill further into a community's performance, click on the line for that site (red arrow)!  It will build a graph for you to see how the team did this time over last and what the benchmark is.  You can share this with your teams, peers, and supervisors with the Share Report button (blue arrow).

Stop reaching goals and start crushing them with Knock Insights!

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