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Merging Duplicate Guest Cards
Merging Duplicate Guest Cards
Consolidating contact information and communication for duplicate prospect cards.
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While Knock keeps our guard up when it comes to duplicates, offering quick and simple detection to keep you from double work - sometimes extra cards are created. However that occurs, we know that you want to keep all of your communication, tours and events in one central chain. Not only that, but you want to receive the credit for those actions taken on any card!

No worries - Knock has your back ✊ 

With our Merge Guest Card feature, you can quickly combine all guest cards associated with a prospect into one communication view - and never lose your other work in the process. When a possible duplicate is detected in Knock, you will now see a warning message in the top left corner of the prospect card.

**Please note, if your Knock account hosts 2 or more properties in one account, the duplicate detection will not read both accounts at once. So if you have John Smith in Property A and Property B, Knock will not alert to the duplicate.**

You always have the ability to ignore and remove the message, however if you verify that this is indeed a duplication you can easy merge those additional cards together! From there you can select from our list of potential duplicates - and then decide which fields you would like to be saved in the new "master" guest card.

**Pro tip** If one card has the SMS text opt in marked as Yes, keep that number during the merge. The SMS opt in will merge with it!

Once you have selected the preferred address, contact details and other aspects of the card you wish to keep, you will select "merge" in the bottom right corner and.... VOILA. 

Everything you deciphered as relevant will now live in one central card, and all activity previously held will be included!

We will always respect the decision you have made in regards to the card you wish to treat as the "master" - however in the case there is a lease event or application associated with one card we will give that prospect card precedent over the others.  For sources and first contacts, we will autopopulate the prospect profile with whichever one came into Knock first chronologically.

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