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What number do prospects and residents use to contact us?
What number do prospects and residents use to contact us?
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Now that you have your Knock account, you have a bunch of different phone numbers!  How do you use all of them?  Which one do you give prospects or residents?   It's easy!  Keep reading! 

Once you go live with Knock, you should stop giving out your main office line.  We can only track and record incoming calls from Knock tracking numbers.  So if all your prospects call your office line, we have no way of tracking or alerting you!  Now that you a Knockstar, you need to give your prospects their specific Knock tracking number when leaving a message.  It's located on the prospect's profile.

Did you know? 

That is the number your prospect dialed to reach you the very first time they called so to them, it's the only number they know for you.  It might already be saved in their phone for your community!

With your residents, the same rules apply.  You want to encourage them to call or text you with their assigned tracking number.  That way we can record all the incoming calls and alert you when they text you.  These numbers are located on the resident cards as well.  If they contact you through another Knock tracking number, it will drop into the system just the same.😁 This is put on the resident card for easy reference when you leave messages!

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