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How to integrate self guided tours into your chat bot!
How to integrate self guided tours into your chat bot!
Do you use some form of self guided tour? If so, let Knock's chat bot help the prospects use it!
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In this digital age, there are lots of new and different ways a prospect can tour your community.  One of the newest forms is the self guided tour.  Vendor partners like Rently or Tour24 will provide you with a link for the prospect to self schedule a tour.  From there, the lead will drop into Knock and alert your leasing team.  These are self guided tours so all you have to do is follow up with them and answer any questions after the visit!  If you have this available, link this to your website's Knock chat bot!

To activate this button on your chat bot, simply go to the Admin dashboard and go to Properties and then Settings.  From there, simply include the link to your self guided tour in the box and you are ready to go!  Once the link is included, the button will show to the prospect on the chat bot.  

Adding the URL will also activate a "Schedule a self guided tour" button on the emails Knock sends out to our new email prospects.

Finally, you will want to customize your Self Guided Tour Post-Visit Email and SMS templates. You can find this on your Admin dashboard under Templates.

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