How to handle incoming calls

Learn how to best handle incoming calls to save you time and stay organized!

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When a prospect calls into a Knock tracking number, those calls will drop into your Knock system. These tracking numbers are found on all digital and physical marketing. The way you handle these incoming calls can dramatically help keep you ToDo page clear and organized.

Phone Pro Tip!

Any time a call is made to a Knock tracking number, if it is connected to the office line, a purple banner will appear. If the prospect calls directly to the office line, it will NOT populate a purple banner or record the phone conversation. All incoming calls from a Knock number will also be recorded and saved in the prospect profile.

If the lead is a "New" lead, it will say NEW on the banner. Whenever you answer the call, click either Open Conversation or New Window. This will allow you to pull up their prospect profile and fill in their information as you are talking with them!

If it's a returning call, it will just show the caller ID. You have the same Open Conversation and New Window options here too. Click those options when you are speaking with the prospect will allow you to update their preferences and take notes in real time. Maybe you can even book their appointment to tour!

Click the purple banner every time so your ToDo page doesn't get backlogged with Phone Leads. This will keep your Engagement and Response Time scores up too!

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