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Prospect "Unsubscribing" from Email Communication
Prospect "Unsubscribing" from Email Communication
When a prospect indicates they would no longer like to receive email from your team, they will be met with the opportunity to unsubscribe.
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In order to build transparency and trust with our clients, and their prospects, we allow individuals to unsubscribe from contact and direct emails. This option is excluded for resident non-marketing communication, but will allow prospects to indicate their intention in no longer receiving email correspondence from the leasing team on site. A side benefit is that this also gives way to clearer understanding of a prospect’s disinterest in a particular property, rather than leaving that detail as a vague uncertainty that the leasing team is forced to decipher over time.

The unsubscribe option will be available to the prospects after an outbound email has been sent by the leasing team. This direct communication will include details on how to unsubscribe from further communication if desired, removing their contact information from Knock’s delivery capacity.

How it works:

The user will be able to confirm their request to unsubscribe from the email itself, which will then direct them to a confirmation form in order to solidify that change. Once confirmed they will be met with a feedback form to indicate the closest reason as to why they have chosen to end contact (optional).

The first prompt will ask them to provide the most common reason that they are wishing to unsubscribe.

If they choose “other”, they will be able to add color to the context of why they have opted out.

As indicated at the bottom of the module, prospects will still be able to subscribe once more - allowing them to again receive email communications. If they choose to begin email correspondence with the property again, they will receive a confirmation message:

Here is a brief overview of their “Opt-out” and “Opt-in” paths in regards to email.

If Unsubscribed:

Once the prospect has unsubscribed, their email will be greyed out in the prospect’s guest card. This will indicate that the prospect no longer is able to receive email communication, with an additional tooltip that the team will be able to hover over to relay the fact that they have unsubscribed. This will appear in a similar capacity to the Opt-In identification for text messaging, the prospect card will relay their Email Opt-in status within the card as “Yes/No”.

Finally, if an email is attempted to be sent to a prospect that has chosen to unsubscribe, the team will be aware of this through a notification below the email (which relays it’s delivery status!). If failed due to the fact they have unsubscribed from communication, the team will be able to see that directly in red - allowing full transparency between both parties in regards to interest in email correspondence.

*Permitting prospects to opt out meets the requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act, allowing our customers to stay in compliance and reduce risk.

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