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Knock’s newest Units addition will also reflect within your iOS app for your iPad or iPhone! While the majority of your experience will remain relatively the same, we want to make sure that we highlight all of the minor updates you may see in your access!


Sorting in the iOS app will now allow you to designate unit selection based on multiple criteria! Those entail, similar to the KnockCrm platform, the options of sorting by Name (Unit #), Price, Available Date, and Square Footage.

Preferred Unit:

Using the iOS to locate a guestcard’s preferences, allows to select and designate a preferred unit. While minor, the new update allows you to see better transparency into the Unit’s details like: Leasing Status, Occupancy Status, Building (if available) and On Notice Status (if applicable). While sorting and sifting through these statuses is possible, there is not an option for filtering to show only available units.

Shown Units:

Shown units will primarily work the same, but will now be updated to show additional fields for better clarity. When completing an appointment and documenting a Shown Unit - you will be able to see Leasing Status, Building (when available), Unit Type (Residential vs Model etc) and Occupancy. If the Unit is a Model, there will be no price listed and instead it will display a Model! Similar to the rest of the app, we will only show Vacant units, and Availability Date will only display if Available!

Generating a quote within a guest card will still allow you to build an attachable quote to the prospect conversation field. However, now you have the direct ability to filter by multiple unit and available pieces!

The filters allow you to dive into sorting by Property, Leasing Status, On Notice status and Occupancy status - all of which will be pulling from the same logic as the other portions above!

For community links: these will also pull the newly designated Property Link - rather than unit specific link information! This change will take place in the sharing portion of those links, and can still be sent to the prospects as normal!

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