Facebook Messaging Through Knock

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Knock Facebook Integration

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Knock integrates with many of your most popular marketing sources, including Facebook!

But once your accounts are tied together, you need to learn the tips and tricks to get the max out of your Facebook/Knock integration lead management.

Ask for contact information! Your leads coming from Facebook Messenger will not come with a phone number or email address. Use your first contact with them to gain that additional info so we have more avenues to contact them.

Respond to them within 24 hours. Knock's tie with that Facebook lead will sever if the onsite team does not respond to an incoming prospect message in 24 hours. So make sure you quickly responding with these leads to keep that Facebook Messenger integration going. This is the why it's so important to follow step 1!

Schedule future follow up. Knock will automatically remind you to follow up with a lead every 2 days. For Facebook leads, you need to follow up with incoming messages within 24 hours if you want to follow up with them through Facebook Messenger. Use the Follow Up option on the bottom right of the guest card to schedule that 24 hour reminder so you don't lose the connection.

Unresponsive prospects. If a prospect doesn't respond to you after your initial response, the integration will sever. Facebook requires that the prospect respond before you can reach out again after that initial 24 hours in your queue.

If the integrations severs. If you don't respond to that prospect via Facebook Messenger in 24 hours and try to send them a message through Messenger, you will see this error alert and tool tip. You will have to follow up with them via phone or email or close the lead if you do see this.

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